L-Shaped Kitchen Design

Choosing the right layout is key to making your kitchen space work. It may look fantastic but if it fails to function as a workspace, it’s a huge disappointment – not mention an expensive mistake. Getting the layout spot on requires careful consideration, and an L-shaped kitchen layout offers lots of flexibility without feeling too enclosed.

L Shape Kitchen
L-Shape Layout

L-Shaped Kitchens are the Most Convenient

L-shaped kitchen designs are one of those classic kitchen layouts which fit into a wide variety of spaces. Also, ‘L’ shapes are meant for many different kitchen décor themes. One of the key reasons to adopt an L-shaped kitchen design is to enable a good flow throughout the kitchen. L-shaped kitchen designs make it easy to position several kitchen items conveniently. There is enough scope to play around with the design of the kitchen if you adopt an L-shaped kitchen layout

Interior design

L Shaped Kitchen Designing

L-shaped kitchen includes two perpendicular walls. This layout is mostly followed by every Indian kitchen, which makes it easy in placing appliances and having a flexible work zone. It’s always advised to keep the leg of L less than 4.5 m which makes it easier to use. Most of the people prefer to work in pantry cupboard with its shape kitchen. This prevents condition, confusion and chaos in the kitchen. You can comply with your L-shaped kitchen with an Island, for making breakfast or chopping vegetables. It is suitable for large families with 2-4 people cooking.

L Shape Kitchen Design
Modular Kitchen

Advantages of L-Shape

  • Great for corner space
  • Efficient for small and medium kitchen spaces
  • Bench tops and cabinets can be adjusted to length
  • Minimal through traffic
  • Easy working triangle
    Perfect for open plan designs

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